How To Pass A Drug Test On Short Notice

If you’re faced with the daunting challenge of having to pass a drug test on short notice, you probably frozen-kitwant to know how to use someone else’s pee for a drug test. After all, you may have a higher likelihood of passing this test if submitting the urine of someone who’s never used drugs as opposed to your own. Sadly, however, this is hardly the case. Not only is it incredibly risky to attempt to carrying, warming and presenting borrowed urine for these procedures, but there’s also a big chance that the laboratory will identify inconsistencies or anomalies within the testing sample that prove that it isn’t actually your own. Fortunately, there’s definitely time to search for more information on this subject, and this means that there’s always a chance to find an effective solution to your problem.

The Variables That Matter

There are a number of variables that matter when it comes to determining just how you’re going to pass a drug test on short notice. Foremost among these is the type of drug you’re using, and the frequency of your drug use. In all cases, your best bet is to stop using recreational drugs as soon as know that a drug test is looming on the horizon. You also need to find out which testing method is going to be used. There are products for cleaning the urine, masking drugs in urine samples, and stripping drug residues out of your hair. There are even fake urine mixtures as well as lifelike prostheses for storing, warming and distributing fake urine. Ultimately, you have to find products for passing drug tests that are in line with both your needs and the demands of the testing facility.

The Amount Of Time You Have On Your Hands

When you want more information on how to use someone else’s pee for a drug test, it’s probably because you need to submit a urine sample within just a matter of hours or days. Many employers who require drug testing as part of their pre-hire screening usually make it mandatory for people to submit their samples within just two to three days. They know that this leaves little time for mitigating the physiological effects of drug use. If you have just two to three days to clean your system, you’ll probably do best to invest in a comprehensive, fake urine kit, rather than trying to implement a rapid and total cleanse. If you have ten days to two weeks to spare, however, you can always try to clean your urine up and submit an honest sample of your own.

Warm Urine And The Right Hormonal Markers

Hormones that are present in a person’s urine can indicate whether or not this individual is male or female. There are certainly many other factors that can make it possible for labs to distinguish between proper samples and samples that have been brought in by patients. For instance, if you’re a young male, you certainly don’t want to bring in a urine sample from a pregnant, female cousin or friend. Keeping a fake urine sample warm can also be a struggle. All labs will verify that samples are neither too hot nor too cold to have been naturally emitted from the human body. This is one of the top reasons why comprehensive, fake urine kits always trump a sample that’s been donated by an acquaintance.

Dealing With Fat Soluble Drugs

Being able to pass a drug test on short notice is often much harder for marijuana users than it is for those who use other recreational substances. That’s because marijuana is fat soluble, which means that it gets stored by the body within the fat cells, rather than being metabolized at a fairly rapid rate and passed on via the urine. Although marijuana is not generally classified as so-called “hard drugs” it is one of the most difficult substances to clear from the system within a nominal amount of time. People who wish to implement cleanses for marijuana should always have at least 10 to 14 days of abstinence while using a quality product to expedite the process of metabolizing stored residues. Certain cleansing products may be able to produce acceptable results in 10 days, but these generally come with aggressive dosing instructions, and very specific requirements concerning diet, exercise, timing, and other factors.

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